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Professional Medical Services

Best Patient Management and provision of Specialist Skin Disease Treatment Services
by Dr Davendra Nandan - MBBS (Bombay), Disease of Skin (West Germany)

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Best Medical Services

With medical services being provided out of Bayly Clinic for the past 3 decades
We are here for you

Emergency Cases

Call 000

For immediate attention, ambulance services and hospitalisation


Dr. Nandan Landline: (+679) 666 4599

Mobile: (+679) 9963425

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Working Hours

  • Mon - Fri 8:00 - 15:00
  • Sat 8:00 - 12:00
  • Sun Closed

Best Features of Our Services

Caring Customer Services
Efficient and Caring Patient Management

Skin Treatment

Treatment of Skin Diseases

General Practice

General patient Services, blood tests, Referrals

Medical Checks

Medical checks for Immigaration, Employment and Well being

Medical Insurance

Examination for Insurance Coverage


GP Services

A wide range of General Pracice services are provided by the Clinic to cater for the public

Services relating to Skin disease is the speciality Other specialist referrals are also provided

  • Blood Test
  • Medical Examinations
  • Treat of Influenza, gastro, diabetes..
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Specialist Skin disease diagnosis and treatment

Skin Rejuvenation

  • General Skin care and hygiene
  • Disease symptoms, Skin Cancer
  • Advise on managing contagious diseases
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General medical examination

Regular checks for ongoing conditions

  • Prostrate Checks
  • Diabetes Checks
  • Kidney Stone Checks
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General X-Ray referrals and checks

Analysis of checks and commencement of appropriate treatment

  • X-Ray processing
  • X-Ray Analysis and discussions with other specialists
  • Followup Treatment
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Diagnosis & Analysis of tests

  • Patient Assessment
  • Further follow up tests
  • Root Cause Analysis & Lab Tests
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Provided Services

We provide the advise of how to prevent diseases and general hygience
We take patient care and management seriously

Better Service At Low Cost
Seasonal Diseases

Advice and treatment of seasonal flu and mosquito born diseases

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Heart Health

General Cholestrol and heart health checks

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Advise on treatment of trauma, shock and referral to specialists - part of occupational health and safety

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Aged Checks

Checks and treatment of Prostrate and Kidney diseases

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Germs Protection

Prevention of common diseases due to hygience. Vaccination and general advise is a priority for us to ensure patients maintain a healthy status

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Checks and Treatment of Diabetes

Our Expert Doctor

Dr Davendra Nandan
MBBS (Bombay), Diseases of Skin (West Germany)

Fellow of Fiji College of General Practitioners


Dr. Nandan

GP & Skin Specialist

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A distinguished Professional GP and Skin Specialist in the region

Outstanding Contribution to Local Professional bodies and Community Services

  • Overseas Qualified
  • Over 3 decade of Practice
  • Providing quality Patient Care

What Our Patients Says


Dr Nandan has been providing GP and Specialist services for more than 3 decades to the people of Fiji. Patient care and customer services is his top priority.
Clinic is open on Weekdays between 8am - 3pm and on Saturdays from 8am - 12pm

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